Terms & Conditions

Term no 1: Collect information

1.1. Collecting information automatically.
Like the other modern websites, Websites will collect IP address and some information of the standard website like: browser, pages that you access to websites for process using services by desktop, laptop, computer and network devices, etc. It aims to analyze information for privacy and keeping safe mode the system.
1.2. Collecting your information through an account.
All information of your account (creating a new account, contacting to us, and so on) will be stored in profile for caring customer services later.
1.3. Collecting information through setting up cookies.
Like the other modern websites, when you access to websites, we (or monitoring tools; or the statistics of website activities that provided by partners ) will create some profiles that named Cookies on hard-disk or memory of your computer. One of some Cookies may be exist with the long time to become convenient process using. For example, saving your email in login page to avoid login again, ect.
1.4. Collecting and storing information in the last.

You can change the private information any time, however, we will save in all information that changed to prevent the erase traces of illegal activities.

Term no 2: Storing and protecting information.

Almost collected information will be stored in us database system.
We protect personal information by using some tools as password, firewall, encryption, and with some other tools that is license for accessing and suitable for data management process. For example, you and staffs must be responsibility for information processing through identifying steps in private information.

Term no 3: Using information

Collected information will be used to:
  • Supplying support services & customer care.
  • Transaction payment and Payment Notifications will send when a new payment is created
  • Handling complaints, charges & Troubleshooting.
  • Stopping any forbidden or illegal act and must guarantee to follow the policies in "User agreement”
  • Measurement, upgrading & improving services, content and form of the website.
  • Sending information to user about Marketing's Programs, announcements and promotional programs.
  • Comparison of the accuracy of your personal information in the process of checking with third parties.

Term no 4: Receiving information from partners

When using payment and transactions tools via the internet, we can receive more information about you such as your username address, email, bank account number ... We check that information with our user database to confirm whether you are the customer of us or not in order to enable the implementation of the service is convenient for you.
The received information will be secured as the information that we collected directly from you.

Term no 5: Sharing information with the third party

We will not share your personal information, financial information... for the 3rd party, unless we have your consent or when we are forced to comply with the law or in case of having the requests from government agencies having jurisdiction.

Term no 6: Changing the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on this website and if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including information email message about the change of the Privacy Policy for certain services).

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